Filipino media suggests trip to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam

Experiencing the hustle and bustle of Thailand’s Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam, then witnessing the Khmer culture and history with a trip to Siem Reap of Cambodia, is a good suggestion for an action-packed trip to the region.

According to Filipino online news website Rapper, tourists can book a flight from Manila to Thailand or Vietnam before traveling from one to the other.

This itinerary assumes that travellers will start their trip in the Thai capital of Bangkok, with tourists then able to spend the first two days touring around famous attractions.

The Thai city boasts plenty of shopping centres, markets, cafes, museums, temples, parks, and other attractions which can fill a travellers’ day, it wrote.

Siem Reap of Cambodia is the next destination to enjoy on the fourth, fifth, and sixth days. The area boasts famous temples such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, and the Royal Palace, all of which are in an impressive complex that is the seat and residence of the royal family of Cambodia, with these being unamicable places during the trip.

The Filipino media outlet also recommends visitors head to Ho Chi Minh City as the final destination on the itinerary which falls on the seventh, eighth, and ninth days.

It is suggested that visitors spend half a day learning more about the Cu Chi Tunnels, with half-day excursions usually costing around VND400, 000, depending on inclusions.

After returning to the southern city, travellers should visit some of its most famous landmarks such as Notre Dame Cathedral, the Saigon Opera House, City Hall, and the Post Office. These buildings are all leftovers of France’s architectural influence on the country, Rappler noted.

If having one more full day, tourists can visit the War Remnants Museum and the Independence Palace, also known as the Reunification Palace, it added. Vietnamnet

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