Apsara opens a hiking path linking botanical gardens to temples

The Apsara Authority has created a new hiking path through the natural forest from Angkor Botanical Garden to Angkor Wat Archaeological Park.

The walking trail opens a new tourist attraction for visitors to Siem Reap. It offers an alternative route and a new way to reach the temples of Angkor.

Yesterday, Apsara Authority spokesman Long Kosal said that the new hiking path opens a new route for tourists who visit the Angkor Botanical Garden to reach Angkor Wat.

Alternatively, when people have finished visiting the temples of Angkor Wat, they can walk back through the natural forest to reach the Angkor Botanical Garden.

Kosal said that the creation of walking paths in the forest gives tourists a unique experience to explore its biodiversity for free.

“The aim is to create an attractive pathway for tourists because we know both domestic and international tourists now tend to travel on foot for their health,” he said.

“So, they can walk the paths through the natural forest, bringing them closer to nature and get healthy, too,” he said.

Kosal added, “We are arranging this path so tourists who are tired of work in the city can visit the forest to walk and refresh themselves.”

“Along the path, there is also a tourist rest stop to take a break, because the forest route is a long way,” he said.

He expects that this new tourist attraction will bring in many visitors curious to walk from Angkor Botanical Garden to Angkor Wat Archaeological Park.

Prime Minister Hun Manet wrote on his Facebook page yesterday that Apsara’s new hiking path expands the 15-hectare Angkor Botanical Garden to more than 150 hectares. He noted that the new park gives an opportunity for tourists to explore biodiversity in the woods.

He added that Siem Reap is an important economic hub for Cambodia, and is brimming with tourism potential. He also said that, with respect to cultural heritage and nature, the government is committed to enriching the experience of visitors. So, meeting the needs of visitors and giving them good memories is important.

The prime minister pointed out that a new campaign, “Visit Siem Reap 2024”, is promoting the many attractions of Siem Reap beyond the temples.

The prime minister added that the first phase of the Pentagonal Strategy is focused on the management of natural resources, cultural heritage and developing sustainable tourism.

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