쁘쭘벤(Pchum Ben), 영혼의 날

쁘쭘벤(Pchum Ben), 영혼의 날

주로 9월 말에서 10월 사이 보름간 열리는 이 축제는 죽은 자의 혼령을 달래기 위한 것으로, 캄보디아에서 가장 중요한 문화 행사 중 하나이다.

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캄보디아 음식

쁘라혹 끄띠스 (PRAHOK KTIES)

쁘라혹 끄띠스는 캄보디아 요리의 대표적인 진미이다. | More

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Bokor Declaration on Sustainable Development of Coastal Cities Co-organized by Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia and the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club



Bokor Declaration on Sustainable Development of Coastal Cities
Co-organized by
Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia and the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club

The International Conference under the theme of “Blue Sea, Green City” is co-organized by Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia and the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club on December 07, 2013 at Bokor Paradise Highland Resort, Kampot Province, Kingdom of Cambodia.

The conference program contained two main sessions as following:

  1. Development and conservation of coastal and marine resource: impacts and challenges
    In all parts of the world, tourism is highly dependent on the quality of the local environment as the main resource such as coastal and marine resource that attracts visitors. Yet because tourists naturally seek out beautiful places to spend their holidays, many of the world’s most precious landscapes have been or are being targeted for tourism development and use. This can be especially damaging for coastal tourism because visitors come in search of the same conditions which tend to support high levels of biodiversity – warm weather, sunshine, pristine nature, clear air, and clean water. When large numbers of tourists come to high-biodiversity areas, and the associated development is not well managed, there can be extremely negative effects on habitat integrity and drastically increased threat to vulnerable species.
  2. Sustainable coastal city development: placing city at the service of tourism
    The conference had notably concluded the importance of intensifying the commitment of cities to reduce their ecological footprint. It gives a voice to cities wishing to present workable solutions and policy proposals in order to reduce their negative impact on the climate and to consolidate a transition in global culture towards a low-carbon economy, driven by cities. This moment is intended to encourage emulation between cities, disseminate issues, mobilize solution providers with wider audiences and tempt coastal cities to engage with others.

Results and Recommendations

Referring to the high recommendations of Samdech Aka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of Cambodia, the members of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club and the other international agencies, the governments of Cambodia and representatives of private sector and relevant stakeholders had agreed on the following points:

  1. Tourism has been playing important role as catalyst to the development of the coastal area, contributing to the poverty reduction as well as sustainable coastal city development and marine environmental protection if and only if coastal city is planned and managed according to the principal of sustainability.
  2. For sustainability, the development of coastal cities as eco-cities must be balanced with the environmental protection through strengthening and further development and cooperation on the sustainable use of scarce underground resources, sustainable coastal development as well as management of cultural and natural heritage with a vision to improve and support the coastal city development and management in a sustainable and responsible manner in an attempt to encourage green economic development and responding to climate change mitigation problem for the coastal area. Any necessary law and regulations should be developed to ensure the sustainability of the development of coastal area.
  3. To encourage sustainable coastal city development, the conference had agreed on the initiative of Cambodia on the importance of global forum using participatory approach which shall address all the dimensions of sustainable development of coastal cities, including social, environment and economic. The conference also support the idea of coastal environmental conservation trust fund aiming at supporting long-term strategy for balancing economic growth with sustainable natural resource use and environmental management of the coastal area.
  4. Coastal destination should be developed as plastic-free destination. For this, the conference had appreciated and encouraged Bokor Paradise Highland Resort as modal ecotourism and plastic-free destination that should be taken as modal concept for the development of tourist destination along coastal area. Meantime, the development of tourism resorts on island had to take into account seriously the plastic-free concept. Moreover, the conference also support the idea of Cambodia in laying off the national clean-up campaign to encourage relevant stakeholders to keep clean environment of the bay.

The results of the conference shall serve as guidance to national tourism authorities and relevant destinations as well as to the international community as an input to their strategies for the sustainable development experiences of coastal cities.

Finally, the conference addresses to the royal government of Cambodia for their kind hospitality and the excellent organization of the meeting, and for their contribution to the advancement of sustainable development of coastal cities and environmental protection.