Pchum Ben Day or All Soul Day

Pchum Ben Day or All Soul Day

Running for 15 days from the end of September into October, and the exact date determined by the lunar calendar, this festival is dedicated to blessing...

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Message by Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia Hornorable Chairman of the National Committee for Clean City Assessment on the Occassion of the National Clean City Day

Message by
Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN
Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia
Hornorable Chairman of the National Committee for Clean City Assessment on the Occassion of the National Clean City Day
February 27, 2013

- Dear all compatriots!

Cambodia, at present has fully peace, political stability and social order, and see development in all sectors, in which the agriculture, textile, construction, and tourism have been well and rapidly developed, and contributed mainly to the economic growth of Cambodia. And for the infrastructure, it has been remarkably improved over the last decade. Along with the gradual growth, the Royal Government has effected policies stimulating the economic growth based on export activities, both international and on-site export, and ensured the equitably-and-sutainably-shared growth, toward the green economic development nationwide.

Commonly seen, the whole world have been facing various global challenges, especially the climate change, caused by natural factors and some irresponsible activites of humans; in this regards, the whole world should move forward together to the green era in order to tackle these problems. The green and clean development model is an appropriate choice at present through ensuring the socio-economic, cultural, and environmental sustainability and balance. Through this, i think that the sustainability-based urban management and conservation is a strategic key for the present and future because the cities are the places where poeple is gathering , and according to the United Nations forcast, in 2030, the people living in the city and its surroundings will increase up to 5 billions, equivalent to 61% of total population. This overwhelmingly living in the city would have consequenly an impact on socio-economic development of each nations.

In respond to the new trend, the Royal Government of Cambodia laid down the campaign of “Clean City, Clean Resort, Good Service”, which is an appropriate strategic choice for contributing to the green tourism development and making Cambodia Clean and Green. In this spirit, all cities/khan, public gathering places, tourist sites shall continue their efforts to improve clean and green, which are the long-term vision of Cambodia by properly adhering to the concept of “Current development is for both all of us at present and the next generation”.

It is certainly true that what we have carried out so far has already begun many decades ago. Indeed, if we look back over the last 40 years, we can see the achievements that we, all, cannot forget, which are the achievements and accomplishments of His Majesty Hero King, Preah Borom Rattana Koid for having turned Phnom Penh Capital City to be a beautiful city in the South-East Asia, know as “Pearl in Asia “, whereby certain countries mentioned that “They will develop their countries to be as beautiful as Phnom Penh”. However, unfortunately, due to the Democratic Kampuchea Genocide Regime it made Cambodian turn back to zero with losses of approximately more than 2 million Cambodian nationals’ lives.

Following the liberation day of February 07, 1979, under the win-win policy, Cambodia has peace, political stability, security, safety, and social order which are the determining factors for development and progress of all sectors, people’s living standards improvement, and further encouraging urban development. Accordingly, we have to make sure that the urban development and improvement must be based on sustainability which requires paying high attention to well and strict management on the urban development as clean city and Eco-city.

In this context, annually, the Royal Government determines to take February 27 to celebrate the National Clean City Day  in order to remind all the relevant stakeholders to participate in the “Clean City” contest which is a part of “Kingdom of Wonder” to make our cities become more beautiful, attractive, environmentally cleaner, leading to “Cambodia: Clean and Green”. Indeed, this year, Cambodia celebrate the Clean City National Day under the theme of “Clean City: I Think, I Act, I Care” to be aimed right at encouraging all of us: relevant stakeholders, private sector, people, students, children, youth, national and international guests to possibly contribute to social and environmental preservation, deserving the outstanding modal organizations, firms, persons, and youth.

Seizing this auspicious opportunity, in order to partake in the Clean City Contest, the Royal Government would like to announce the setting of a campaign: Clean up Cambodia 2013-2015, aimed at encouraging the participation in the clean city contest movement by the people from all walks of life, public-private sectors, and relevant stakeholders through focusing on conducting activities to turn residences, organizations, workplace, pagodas, and factories to be clean, which are the main components of contributing to making cities of the Kingdom of Cambodia become the attractive and warm tourist destinations for tourists.  In this spirit, the Royal Government would like to set forth the following campaigns:

  1. To set up a Pro-Clean City Network/Activists (Eco-Club) along the workplace, organizations, schools, educational establishments, pagodas, markets, factories, firms, and building blocks (Borey) to be aimed at making those places clean and green at all season. Also, to encourage the national and international guests, as well as people to take part in the campaign “One Tourist, One Tree” and “One Youth, One Tree”, as well as “One Couple, Two Trees”.
  2. To Encourage the private sector, legal or physical persons, to participate in the Contest Movement “Outstanding Firms and Persons” which is a kind of Eco-businesses and named as “Samdech Techo Prime Minister Eco-Business Awards”.

On this great occasion, I would like to call for all the relevant ministries-institutions, authorities at all levels, armed forces, people, and compatriots, as well as development partners to actively participate with highly responsible spirit under the slogan “Clean City: I Think, I Act, I Care” in making a contribution to turning our cities to be cleaner, deserving “Clean and Green City” in the region and the world.  Cambodia’s initiative of setting up the Clean City Contest Movement, recently recognized by ASEAN. And ASEAN Clean Tourist City Standard was adopted by ASEAN Tourism Ministers in Vientiane, Lao PDR, and it also the pride of all the cities nationwide to be turned enjoyable for the people’s living and tourists’ leisure, additionally to be ready to participate in the ASEAN Clean Tourist City Contest in 2015.

In all these senses, I strongly hope that the Clean City Contest will become a great opportunity for Cambodia to turn its cities to be a clean and green destination with best quality, which will contribute to mitigating the climate change, particularly achieving the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations and Cambodia, additionally increasing the spirit of patriotism, solidarity, and friendship. For this instant, I would also like to wish the Clean City Contest and the National Clean City Day success forever.

Phnom Penh Capital City, Dated February 22nd, 2013
Prime Minister