Pchum Ben Day or All Soul Day

Pchum Ben Day or All Soul Day

Running for 15 days from the end of September into October, and the exact date determined by the lunar calendar, this festival is dedicated to blessing...

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Remarks By H.E. Dr. THONG Khon, Minister of Tourism At the Farwell Dinner Reception of “12th EATOF General Assembly and 12th East Asia Inter-regional Tourism Forum”

H.E. Dr. THONG Khon, Minister of Tourism
At the Farwell Dinner Reception of “12th EATOF General Assembly
and 12th East Asia Inter-regional Tourism Forum”

Siem Reap, 30th November 2012


  • H.E. Dr. Sou Phirin, Governor of Siem Reap
  • Excellencies Governors from EATOF member countries,
  • Distinguished National and International Guests, and
  • Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen:

In this evening gathering, on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and the Inter-interministerial Organizing Committee, I take advantage of this opportunity to congratulate the success and achievement of 12th EATOF General Assembly and Forum; and my profound thanks to all delegates for your tireless effort and endeavor to bring about this great success. The 12th EATOF General Assembly and Forum was held along with the significant successful celebration of 15th ASEAN Summit and in line with the perfect titling of Siem Reap as a Cultural City of East Asia 2012.

This scheme of intraregional cooperation and collaboration has been remarkable, reflecting the fast-growing and deeper cooperation between our countries. Amongst the aforesaid areas of socio-economic cooperation, cultural tourism and ecotourism play a vital role as a means of bringing together and connecting the people from intra-ASEAN to the globe aimed at recognizing their identity, creating a sense of belonging and consolidating unity in diversity, furthermore mutual assistance. This forum also reflects the joint efforts and strong commitments of EATOF countries to enhancing the exchanges of their rich and diverse culture to foster people-to-people connectivity. They have been closely and diligently working together to increase deeper socio-cultural interactions and greater mobility of the peoples, conducive to promoting harmony, solidarity and unity among the nations and peoples. In this sense, the peoples would mutually respect the different cultures, traditions, religions, and languages, and have a common value in the spirit of unity in diversity as we have grown up in a diversity of cultural environment but only cultural tourism can be harnessed wisely as it vitally interacts, enhances and cultures mutual understanding, awareness and love amongst our people. 

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Royal Government of Cambodia under brilliant and sound leadership of Samdech Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, tourism sector has always been supported and determined as Green Gold because it contributes significantly to socioeconomic growth, poverty reduction, rural community development, protection and conservation of natural and cultural heritages and especially the climate change mitigation.

Above all, our theme of the 12th EATOF this year is East Asia Optimizing Sustainable Green Tourism; and many issues and topics on environmentally sustainable and responsible tourism or green tourism and connectivity have been conferred much constructively and productively during the plenary sessions of EATOF General Assembly and Forum. As a result of the 12th EATOF, there is a resolution namely the Siem Reap Joint Declaration which is focused on the intraregional strategic approach and cooperative scheme.

Siem Reap is a perfect cultural and natural destination, and it is a tourist hub for Cambodia itself and is the most appealing destination for the entire region. I hope that following the fruitful EATOF forum, the connectivity by all means (by air, by water, by land) and joint promotion of member countries will be further enhanced so as to attract more tourists to the region. free essay


Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am convinced that EATOF will continue to advance the partnership and cooperation as a driving force in the process of regional development and it is imperative to strictly follow and effectively implement the Joint Declaration.

I would like to conclude my remarks by wishing National and International Delegates, Distinguished Guests, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen a good health, great success and happiness. Please have a good trips and safe return to your respective countries.

May I please propose you a toast for the success and achievement of 12th EATOF General Assembly and Forum and our good health.


Thank you!