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License Forms

In the table below you can find the links to application forms for a tourism business license per industry. When you need to apply for a tourism license, either:

1. Your organization's license is almost expired and you need a renewal. You should choose the reapplication form for your specific industry in the first column.

2. Your organization has never had a license and you apply for the first time. You should click on the link to the application form for your specific industry in the second column

If you have chosen an application form you will need to fill and sign the different parts of the form and deliver it:
- If your organization is 'big', to the Department of tourism industry in the Ministry of Tourism and
- If your organization is 'small' to the local tourism authorities .
(See here for the criteria that categorize organizations into 'big' or 'small')

When delivering your application to the tourism office, the requested documents should be added. The documents to be added differ for every industry and every type of application. You will find information about which attachments are necessary at the end of each application form. If you have questions about a particular attachment, click here.

Short explanation of the procedure:
After submission of the forms and the payment of the license fee, the Ministry will check the information. The applicant will next be contacted for an inspection of the business. The Tourism License will be ready for pick up 28 days after the inspection when the applicant has met all the requirements. Generally Tourism Licenses are valid for one year. If you want a more detailed explanation of the Licensing process, click here.11111