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Arunras Guesthouse
Kampong Thom Province Village 6, Kampong Thom Commune, Steung Sen City
Mobile:092 522 628
Arunras Hotel
Kampong Thom Province Nº. 39Eo, Street Sereypheap , Steung Sen District
Tel:062 961 294
Bungalows Prey Pros Restaurant
Kampong Thom Province Street Serey Pheap, Kampong Thom City
Mobile:011 800 112
Kampong Thom Village Hotel
Kampong Thom Province N°. 562, Kampong Thom Village, Kampong Rotes Commune, Steung Sen City
Tel:062 962 311
Khmer Village Homestay
Kampong Thom Province Samrong Village, Baray District
Mobile:012 635 718
Mittapheap Hotel
Kampong Thom Province National Road No 6, Kampong Thom Village, Kampong Rotes Commune, Steung Sen District
Tel:062 561 213
Mlop Svay Thom Restaurant & Guesthouse
Kampong Thom Province Balaing Village, Damrey Chornkla Commune, Steung Sen District
Mobile:012 834 055
Moha Sambath Guesthouse
Kampong Thom Province Street Dekcho Meas, Kampong Thom City
Mobile:011 751 321
Penh Chet Guesthouse
Kampong Thom Province Nº. 9, Street Dekcho Meas, Village 1, Sangkat Kampong Thom
Mobile:012 846 269
Poloeu Thmey Guesthouse
Kampong Thom Province Nº. 43, National Road No 6A, Damrey Chorn khla, Damrey Chorn khla, Steung Sen District
Mobile:012 910 896
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