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Hotels and Accommodation - Phnom Penh (Capital)

The number and quality of hotels in Cambodia have escalated considerably in the last few years with several international hotel brands now joining small guesthouses and local hotels in the major tourist areas.  Some  established hotels in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh are now complemented by international brands. Many local hotels have also upgraded themselves and expanded to meet the challenges and demands.  A few of these local hotels are now offering five-star standards; some with decors and facilities to put their internationally branded cousins on their heels.  Due to Cambodia's past connections with France, it is not surprising to find some colonial style hotels as well.  

Although Cambodia's main attractions lie around Siem Reap (Angkor), Phnom Penh (the capital) and Preah Sihanouk (Kampong Saom), there are hotels and guesthouses in every province around the country.

The boom in tourism in Cambodia resulted in the emergence of many new hotels in the major tourist areas. Check out some of these fine properties below.

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10 Guesthouse & Restaurant
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 10, Boeng Kak (St. 93)
Mobile:097 7779 998
11 Happy Guesthouse & Restaurant
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 11D, Boeng Kak (St. 93)
Tel:023 430 833
24E Apartment
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 24E, Street 29
Mobile:012 959 115
3 River Guesthouse Bar & Restaurant
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 14, Long Ngeth (St. 258)
Mobile:017 776 212
310 Guesthouse
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 433A, Street 310
Mobile:012 588 977
52 Guest House
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 73, Street Veng Sreng
Tel:023 6353 525
9 Gold Stars Guesthouse
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 131, Dekcho Damdin (St. 154)
Mobile:012 666 631
A1 Hotel
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 10, Jawaharlal Nehru (St. 215), corner Street 118
Tel:023 724 145-6
A5 Guesthouse & Massage
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 108, Street 234
Mobile:012 858 802
ABC Guest House
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 19B, Street Veng Sreng
Mobile:016 992 268
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