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(Cambodia) Dental Co Ltd
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 98CEo, Street 230 
Tel:023 885 372
1275 DVD Store
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 8A, Street 278 12302 Phnom Penh 
Mobile:016 939 825
168E Mak Channy Furniture Shop
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 168, Oknha Tep Pan (St. 182), behind Preah Put Pagoda 
Mobile:012 254 058
2 Lions Shop Electronic Shop
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 962Eo, Kampuchea Krom (St. 128) 
Mobile:012 922 332
3 Colors Advertising
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 3, Street 472, Toul Svay Prey I 
Mobile:012 880 889
355 Uy Rany
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 355Eo, Preah Monivong 
Tel:023 210 075
4 Faces Gallery
Siem Reap Province Street 7, Old Market area Siem Reap 
Mobile:089 208 336
470 Furniture
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 470, Preah Monivong 
Mobile:012 988 910
4E Mart
Phnom Penh (Capital) Nº. 142, Yothapol Khemarak Phoumin (St. 271) 
Mobile:011 777 172
4U Furniture Shop
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 492BC, Street 163 
Tel:023 210 138
6 Eleven Nice Mart
Phnom Penh (Capital) Nº. 621, Oknha Khleang Moeung (St. 70) 
Tel:023 219 578
6 Eleven Nice Mart
Phnom Penh (Capital) Nº. 278CEo, Mao Tse Toung (St. 245) 
Tel:023 219 578
7 Care Cosmetic & Souvenir Shop
Phnom Penh (Capital) Nº. 15Eo, Khemarak Phoumin (St. 130) 
Mobile:016 760 707
70 Electronic Shop
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 114, Ang Eng (St. 13) 
Mobile:097 7433 070
88 Japanese Furniture Shop
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 140, Norodom 
Mobile:012 807 462
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