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Kang Kim Eng Jewelry Shop
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 136Eo, Street 450 
Mobile:012 367 777
Jewelry Shop |
Kang Meas Shop
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 47, Street 199 
Tel:023 221 047
Jewelry Shop |
Khay Sakhav Jewelry & Money Exchange Shop
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 58Eo, Sankhak Neayor Souk (St. 136) 
Tel:023 211 302
Jewelry Shop |
Kheng Peo Silver Shop
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 21Eo, Sothearos (St. 3), north of the Royal Palace 
Tel:023 224 705
Jewelry Shop |
Kheng Song Jewelry Shop
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 257, Street 51 
Mobile:016 912 761
Jewelry Shop |
Khmer Angkor Shop
Siem Reap Province Nº. 09, Street Sivutha , Sangkat Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap City 
Mobile:012 848 731
Jewelry Shop |
Khmer Angkorwat Jewelry & Sculpture
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 311-309Eo, Preah Monivong 
Tel:023 210 078
Jewelry Shop |
Khmer Bijoutier Kim Chan
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 95Eo, Street 199, Sangkat Toul Svay Prey II 
Mobile:016 880 831
Jewelry Shop |
Khmer Nokor Wat
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 116CEo, Sihanouk (St. 274) 
Mobile:012 805 428
Jewelry Shop |
Khourn Bunthy
Battambang Province Nº. 90-92, Street 1, 20 Usaphea Village, Svay Por Commune 
Tel:053 953 862
Jewelry Shop |
Khy Krang Jewelry Shop
Prey Veng Province N°. 258, Street 1, Village 4, Prek Khsay Commune, Peamro District 
Mobile:012 810 022
Jewelry Shop |
Kim Heng Gold Store
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 66Eo, Sankhak Neayor Souk (St. 136) 
Mobile:012 380 576
Jewelry Shop |
Kim Heng Jewelry Shop
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 102Eo, Street 450 
Mobile:011 871 941
Jewelry Shop |
Kim Hong Jewelry Shop
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 84, Sankhak Neayor Souk (St. 136) 
Mobile:012 892 110
Jewelry Shop |
Kim Ngoun Agency of Jewelry Goldsmith
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 190, Charles de Gaulle (St. 217) 
Mobile:011 738 529
Jewelry Shop |
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