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Amazon Bar & Restaurant
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 8, Ang Non (St. 102), Next to Post Office
Tel:023 724 150
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Anchor Town Restaurant
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 158, Street 261
Mobile:017 599 885
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Angkear Vimean Restaurant
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 13, Street 278
Mobile:012 916 570
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Angkor Bright Guesthouse & Restaurant
Phnom Penh (Capital) Nº. 84GHI, Trasak Paem (St. 63), corner Street 154
Mobile:017 924 017
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Angkor Chum Restaurant
Phnom Penh (Capital) Nº. 115, Street 218
Mobile:012 674 034
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Angkor Chum Restaurant
Phnom Penh (Capital) Nº. 133, Khemarak Phoumin (St. 130)
Mobile:012 975 252
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Angkor Chum Restaurant
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 115Eo, Charles de Gaulle (St. 217)
Mobile:012 920 338
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Angkor Chum Restaurant
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 09B, Street 199
Mobile:012 627 774
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Angkor Meanchey Restaurant
Phnom Penh (Capital) N°. 629, Monireth (St. 217)
Mobile:012 223 338
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Anise Hotel & Restaurant
Phnom Penh (Capital) Nº. 2C, Street 278 corner street 57
Tel:023 222 522
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